Lotus Surface Tech

Lotus Surface Tech, is the first company in India to bring D-Gun (Detonation Spray Coating) which is one of the most advanced thermal spray coating system in the world dor coating ceramic and carbide powders on engineering components subjected to wear & corrosion.

D-Gun coated components have the highest bond strength and excellent surface properties compared to other thermal spray variants available in the market.

Our Facilities

  • Plant and Machinery

    Lotus Surface Tech has equipped itself with state of the art facilities and has exploited the potential of this technology and developed a wide range of applications.
    With one of its kind in India an all-purpose sophisticated automatic CNC Manipulator has been installed for producing very accurate coating on complicated components on a wide range of substrate.

  • Job Handling Facilty

    Lotus Surface Tech is well equipped with excellent modern instruments to analyze the coated component's quality and thickness and has the facility to handle heavy jobs and big size up-to 2.5 meter in length and 1.8 meter in diameter.

  • In House Lab Testing

    - Dimensional Measurements- micrometer and magnetic thickness measuring devices.
    - Visual Inspection of Grit Blasting, Spraying/Coating, Substrate, Machined Finish.
    - Dye Penetrants Test which is a non destructive test type for the identification of surface flaws and porosity analysis.
    - Surface Roughness Tester.

Types of coating process available

  • Surface Coating

    Surface Coating improves the surface properties of materials for protection in demanding contact conditions or aggressive environments, or for enhanced functional performance.

  • Detonation Spray Coating (D-Gun)

    The Detonation-Gun uses measured quantities of oxygen, acetylene and particles of a coating material, detonated by a timed spark in the firing chamber.

  • Metallizing

    Metallizing is the process of applying any metal on to virtually any base metal. A metal in the form of wire is pulled into the rear of the gun by an automatic feed mechanism powered by a self contained compressed air driven turbine.